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  • SLD-G Gantry Type Slitting Machine Packing & Delivery for USA customer
    SLD-G Gantry type slitting machine is ready for shipment, before loading into container,today we pack the machine. The process is like this:1) machine dismantle into couple of units: unwinder, capital machine, unloader trolley, electrical cabinet.2) machine cleaning and lubrication 3)
    We'll exhibit high speed labelstock slitting rewinding machine, two-station rotary die cutting machine, magnetic cylinder for rotary die cutter, flexible dies, etc.Welcome to join us.
  • How to Connect Voltage Transformer?
    When you receive a machine with transformer, input is to connect your local power source,and output is connect machine electrical cabinet. Please check this video out.
  • How to Choose a Slitting Rewinding Machine?
    First please confirm your material type:With adhesive: like double sided tape, foam tape, masking tape, etc.Without adhesive: like paper, film, label stock, non woven, etc.Here’s a sneak peak of a slitting rewinding machineUnwind Unit:Unwind base: for jumbo roll diameter within 800mm recommend conne
  • Worry about Return on Investment of BOPP Adhesive Tape Production?
    You plan to produce adhesive tape, and make a lot of search on Google, then you find many suppliers, some maybe from factories, some maybe from trading companies, all of them seems provide very similar stuff, you compare the specification, and still totally at loss who you should talk to and work wi
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