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How to Choose a Slitting Rewinding Machine?

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First please confirm your material type:
With adhesive: like double sided tape, foam tape, masking tape, etc.
Without adhesive: like paper, film, label stock, non woven, etc.

Here’s a sneak peak of a slitting rewinding machine

Unwind Unit:
Unwind base: for jumbo roll diameter within 800mm recommend connect type; 
If jumbo roll diameter is over 800mm, separate unwind base will be recommended.

Unwind shaft

With shaft: regular type, cost-effective
Shaft-less unwinder: operation is easy, two chucks fix jumbo roll, just cost is higher.

Slitting Slit-Knowledge of Slitting Blades:

1)razor blade: for thin film, such BOPP, etc. Advantage: lower cost and easy to set up.
2)shear blades: widely used, high accuracy
3)air score blade: mainly for adhesive tapes, non-woven, etc. more difficult to set up.

Edge Trimming Methods

1)Surface trim spool winder: for adhesive tapes
2)servo trim spool winder: for non-adhesive material or low-adhesion material, and not easy tear type
3)centrifugal fan trimming: non-adhesive paper, thin film, etc.

Rewind Unit

Rewind O.D. Specifications: 
450mm, 650mm, 800mm and 1200mm

Rewind Shaft:

Air shaft: suitable for materials with very even thickness.
Differential shaft: separately control tension, when material thickness is not average, 
it’s a must to install differential shafts

Web Guide Control System:

Unwind EPC: only unwind base move 
Process EPC: unwind base not move, only the middle part is moving, used more for coating machines

To understand more about slitting rewinding machines, please contact our sales for inquiry form and get a quote today.

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