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Worry about Return on Investment of BOPP Adhesive Tape Production?

Views: 847     Author: Haya Hsueh     Publish Time: 2019-03-09      Origin: Haya Hsueh

You plan to produce adhesive tape, and make a lot of search on Google, then you find many suppliers, some maybe from factories, some maybe from trading companies, all of them seems provide very similar stuff, you compare the specification, and still totally at loss who you should talk to and work with.

Opening a factory is not easy, especially when you cannot find the reliable supplier. 

Now BOPP tape market in every country seems very competitive, that’s why you don’t want to put a lot of money in this business from start.

Good news is: this year we rolled out the economic version of BOPP tape slitting machine FR-202S model. This one also adopts spool winder system for edge trimming and HMI operation, so you just need to set the parameter in the LCD panel, and run the machine fast and easily. 

For startups, with this machine, you can get to produce BOPP adhesive tape with an impressive ROI. We all hear about a lot of success stories when a billion empire had its humble beginning.

Likewise, your success story on adhesive tape production could begin right from here.

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