From High School Dropout to Founder: The Story of Jerry and Furimach


Jerry dropped out of senior high school at the young age of 17 and started working for his uncle's factory. He began as an assembly worker, installing machines, and worked his way up to become the after-sales and sales director. After nine years, Jerry decided to start his own company, which he named Furimach, meaning "rich days" in Chinese.


Initially, Jerry acted as both the sales and after-sales manager for Furimach. He listened to his customers' needs and feedback and continually improved the techniques and processes. With an excellent reputation, more and more customers began to know about Furimach.


Now, Furimach Group includes Anhui Furi Intelligent Equipment, Suzhou Furi Intelligent Equipment and Nantong Furi Technology Co. Their production has developed to include a wide range of machines used in the packing, medical, electronic, automotive industry, and more. Furimach's mission is not just to sell more machines but to provide excellent solutions for end-users.


Jerry's perseverance and dedication to his mission have paid off. He has built a successful company that has impacted many industries. As Phil Knight said in Shoe Dog, "The cowards never started, and the weak die along the way. That leaves us." Jerry's success story is a testament to that quote. Despite dropping out of school, he was not afraid to take a risk and start his own business. He has proven that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

PresidentMr. Jerry Chang 
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