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SLT-1300 Center Surface Slitting and Rewinding Machine

Applicable to release film, protective film, paper, PET film, PC, PS, PE film, non-woven fabric and etc.
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  • SLT-1300


  • 84411000


1. Machine width1M, 1.3M, 1.6M 

2. Max. Rewind diameter: 600MM

3. Rewind I.D.: 3inch - 6inch

4. Max. Unwind diameter: 1000MM

5. Min. Slitting width: 10MM

6. Max. Running speed: 160M/Min



1.     Main motor: Two rewinding motor with main motor do three- motor connective control.

2.     Rewind device: Rewind shaft arm adopts pneumatic type to control balance,

so that contact pressure is adjustable automatically.

3.     This machine has optional discontinuous guide roll rewind for slitting many order materials.

Electric device: LCD touch panel is used for setting tension, length, etc.

4.     The control system adopts Siemens PLC to control movements with self-detection function,

so error can be found out easily.

5.     Unwind device: Separate unwind base for bigger unwind diameter.



1.     The rewinding air shaft can be changed with differential shaft, if the thickness of material is uneven.

2.     Auto up-lifting device: hydraulic type jumbo roll loading for saving labor force and working time.

3.     Noise hood: For reducing production noise when machine is working.

4.     Auto splice table: For connecting materials at front and back sides to improve efficiency.



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