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RED-S Double-shaft Automatic Tape Rewinding Machine

RED-S double-shaft rewinding machine is suitable for winding jumbo rolls of BOPP tape, PE tape, PET, masking tape, double-sided tape, foam tape, duct tape, double sided tape into log rolls.
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  • RED-S


  • 84778000


1. Automatic length setting: precise wheel encoder provides accurate rewinding length control. Once the set length is reached, a servo motor is adopted so that shafts will instantly and automatically changes, ensuring easy operation and efficient performance.

2. Programmable controller: the high-performance programmable controller offers convenient control of the entire rewinding operation. Both length and tension are accurately displayed by LCD readout. All programming is done by Furimach team.

3. The paper core is held firmly on the pneumatic shaft. With easy, fast loading and unloading, it greatly improves efficiency.

4. Automatic smoothing device: this wipe down device fully eliminates the problem of wrinkling and air bubbles in the product after rewinding. This device further ensures the smoothness of product.

5. The pressing roller is controlled by the cylinder and the pressure is adjustable. The semi-finished products are properly pressed to ensure smooth, stable running during rewinding.

6. Hydraulic auto up-lifter device (optional): this device offers easy material loading for operational convenience and improves efficiency.

7. Noise hood (optional): this device improves operation safety level and reduce unwind noise

8. Auto cut-off (optional): to reduce labor operation and no need to stop machine

9. Auto tabbing (optional): no need to stop machine, this device will automatic put the labeling paper on the tape end. And tabbing length is adjustable on HMI.

 Main Technical Parameters

Effective width

1.3m 1.6m 1.8m 2.0m

Max. unwind diameter

800 mm

Max. Rewind diameter


Max. Working speed


I.D. of paper core


Main motor


Air pressure



1)What is your delivery time? 

1.3 m wide machine 35 workdays, 1.6m 45 working days, 1.8m and 2.0 m wide 60 working days. 

2) What is the warranty period? 

All the machines we provided have one year warranty. If any parts include the motor, inverter, 

PLC get broken in one year, we'll send you a new one free of charge. Easily wearing parts such as belt, sensor, etc. are excluded. 

Ps: we will offer life long service, even after one year, we’re always here to help out. 

3)How you pack the machine before delivery? 

After the clean and lubrication work, we will put desiccant inside and wrap the machine 

by anti-rust plastic bag, then pack by the fumigated wooden case. 

4)How to operate the machine? 

First, we provide very detailed manual book. 

Second, you can watch machine operation step by step on our YouTube channel: furimach china 


5)How about parameter setting? 

If you need any parameter setting reference, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.



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