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How to Produce Adhesive Tape?

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First of all, please make sure what type of adhesive tape you want to produce.

Take bopp packing tape for example, heres a sneak peak of the whole factory plan:

Coating two types: hot melt coating machine and water-based bopp tape coating machine, as coating machine requires relevant glue equipment, glue formula, more technique, today I don’t write much about this. Let’s start from converting.


For example, we wanna produce 48mm wide and 100m long bopp packing tape:


Step 1,

Cutting paper core into 48mm wide (use FR-203 paper core cutting machine):


Step 2,

Loading 48mm paper cores on the rewind shafts (use FR-103 paper core loading machine);


Step 3, 

Slitting tape jumbo rolls into 100m (use FR-210 slitting machine)



Sometimes, we produce bad quality tapes, we can make them good by FR-200 doctor rewinding machine:


After slitting, the next step is packing:

Packing machines we have three types:

1) Tube type use FR-BZ400 packing machine

2) Flatbed type use FR-BZ5545L packing machine

3) Single piece sleeve type, use FR-TB200 packing machine


Capacity: 50m tape, one working shift can convert 3-4pcs of jumbo rolls;

100m tape, one working shift can convert 5-6pcs of jumbo rolls.


We should also prepare:

Tape Jumbo Rolls:

Paper cores (if local available) if not, can buy one set of paper core making machine.

Air compressor:

If you need profit analysis report or any question regarding tape production, please contact our sales team: furimach@furimach.com

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