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FCK Single Shaft Lathe Slitting Machine

Suitable for cutting BOPP packing tape, masking tape, double sided tape, kraft paper tape, foam tape, duct tape, industrial tape, protection film, etc.
  • FCK-13, FCK-16
  • 84778000


1. Main driving part

AC motor with inverter control

2. Central control unit

Programmable central control is used and 20 sizes can be set in one cutting process

 3. Operating panel

All functions are operated on the 7" LCD touch panel

4. Motor control system

PLC programmable control

5. Cutting size control

Taiwan servo motor control. The imported high precision ball screw is applied to set the size and the linear slide rail is to bear the load of the cutter seat.

6. Blade feeding control

Pneumatic cylinder control system 

Main Technical Parameters

Machine width

1.3M 1.6M

Cutting precision


Max. Blade O.D.


Min. Cutting width


Machine power


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