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SLD-6121 Melt Blown Fabric Jumbo Roll Slitting Rewinding Machine

SLD-6121 duplex slitting rewinding machine is used to slit all kinds of melt-blown fabrics.

  • SLD-6121
  • 84411000


1. The main drive units adopts three-motor connective control with high speed, stable tension and nice-looking products.

2. Both unwind & rewind units are equipped with tension detecting device with PLC auto constant tension control system.

3. Main drive uses rubber roller pressing type to avoid asynchronous issue between material and roller. And unwind & rewind tension is separated to make whole tension more stable.

4. Rewind part uses differential rewinding shafts to make sure each roll tension is well controlled.

5. Clamping devices are installed in front of rewind unit to fix the after-slit materials and keep after-slit tension and rewind position same.

6. Machine guide rollers are aluminum rollers, with hard anodizing treatment before slit, and anti-sticky treatment after slit.

7. Edge waste treatment uses big centrifugal fan.

8. Slitting part uses shear blades (side pick-up type) for easy change and arrangement of bottom blade and spacers when slitting different sizes.

9. Unwind unit has automatic web guide control system, for auto correction of uneven jumbo roll and reduce material waste.

10. Unwind system adopts connect type shaft-less unwind stand, left and right movement manually control.

Technicial Parameters

Max. rewind O.D.


Max. unwind O.D.


Min. slitting width


Air source


Machine width


Core I.D.


Machine max. speed


Power source

380V 3P 50HZ 

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