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SLD-4112 Melt Blown Nonwoven Fabric Slitting Machine

SLD-4112 duplex slitting machine is used to slit and rewind PP meltblown nonwoven fabric rolls.
  • SLD-4112
  • 84411000


1.The main drive unit adopts two-motor connective control with stable tension and good performance products.

2.It adopts roll pressing type driving device to prevent slip between material and main driving roll so that tension is more stable.

3. The rewind system is installed with air shafts.

4.Waste discharge system adopts blowing fan type.

5. The slitting unit can use shear blade.

6. The unwind system has web guide control device, hydraulic type jumbo roll uplifting device and splice table are optional items.

7.Unwind system adopts connected structure with shaft to reduce floor area.

Main Technical Parameters

Machine width


Min. slitting width


Max. unwind diameter


Max. rewind diameter


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